Gay Card

June 7-23


Music by Ryan Korell and book and lyrics by Jonathan Keebler

GAY CARD is the hilariously heartwarming story of Logan Kapler, a one-friend loser who has never belonged. But now he's starting college with a trick up his sleeve: he's gay. Gay people are awesome; therefore, he will be awesome. Except his new college housemates don't agree (#fail). They revoke his "gay card" and deem him not-awesome-enough-to-be-gay instead. Determined to prove them wrong, Logan embarks on a quest to earn his gay card. But when his dream life leaves him lonelier than ever, he must learn that there are some insecurities you never grow out of — before he loses the only two people who truly love him.

Director: Timothy E. Locklear

Music Director: Craig Johnson

Stage Manager: Natasha Jackson