Outside-the-Box Theatre: Improvisation


Improvisation is a tool that can:

·         improve listening and collaboration skills,

·         facilitate understanding of concepts,

·         celebrate everyone’s ideas and contributions,

·         help students to understand and respect different perspectives,

·         employ the 4 C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity) in problem-solving,

·         encourage teamwork,

·         foster confidence in public presentations,

·         nurture sharing focus with others,

·         encourage thinking outside the box.



Students will engage in a variety of improvisation activities that will help to stimulate creative thinking. At the last class, parents and friends will be invited to an Improvisation performance!


The course is designed for skills development and reinforcement. The one hour classes run 1 day per week for ten weeks, allowing for plenty of overall instruction and collaboration time even if students need to miss a class or two.


What makes this course unique among performing arts classes?

·         Students engage in creative and critical thinking while building collaboration and communication skills.

·         Classes allow students to use their existing talents as well as to develop new ones.

·         Students will grow individually as well as in group collaboration.

·         The learning environment supports guided development of leadership and communication skills.


Educational and life skill goals targeted:

·         Broad knowledge of improvisation skills.

·         Multi--modal communication skills.

·         Leadership skills - using talents to communicate and collaborate

·         Base material that families can readily use to build unit studies; students can actively contribute to family teaching


10 week session on Wednesdays, from 1:30 – 2:30. 

Registration fee:  $165


Grades: 3-6