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Cast List for MISCAST 2018: Warped Outcasts


The following people are cast in MISCAST 2018: Warped Outcasts:

Maddie Alger

Adele Baldina

Lauren Bamford

Xander Barnes

Bryan Bunch

Charlie Byrd

Dan Cerullo

Brenna Coogan

Jay Dolan

Alec Donaldson

Maddie Durgin

Ellie Faggion

Kimmy Fiorentino

Nathan Hamilton

Elizabeth Hankla

Ayden Hansen

Will Harris

Rebekah Holland

Kyle Jordan

David Klionsky

Judy Long

Elena Mulligan

Ty Myatt

Keith Petersen

Nick Popio

Shannon Plummer-White

Elaine Quagliata

Michael Santangelo

Emily Spain

Nick Taylor

McKenna Waldron

Aya Wallace

Shane Walsh

Tyanna West

Chelsey Winstead

Liam Yates

All cast members are asked to be at NRACT on Saturday, 01/13/18 @ 11AM for our first cast meeting and group rehearsal.   Please email to accept your participation.

There were a total of 47 people who auditioned.  These choices were not easy ones to make.  Thank you to all who auditioned and thank you for supporting community theatre.



PETER AND THE STARCATCHER – April 20 - May6, 2017

Directed by Nancy and Rod Rich with Musical Direction by Darylene Hecht




Audition dates:

Monday, February 5, 2017 at 7:00pm

Tuesday, February 6, 2017 at 7:00pm

LOCATION: NRACT, 7713-51 Lead Mine Road, Raleigh NC 27615  919-866-0228


All roles are open. The play is performed by a cast of 12-14 actors. The play includes musical numbers. Auditions will consist of reading from the sides (available for download by the week before auditions at, learning a song, and some improvisation and movement exercises. Come dressed to move and dance. We will be doing some group singing, with the possibility of some individual singing. (Music will be provided.) Actors do NOT need to prepare an audition song for this show. You only need to attend one night of auditions, and be available for Saturday callbacks.



CALLBACKS:        Saturday February 10  at 1:00pm

Callbacks will consist of cold readings from the script, along with some additional musical vocalization for some roles.



Contact Rod Rich at or Nancy Rich at

Please note:

·   no auditionees under 18 years of age, please

·   please arrive at the START of the audition so you hear all instructions and are able to learn the song and movement we will be teaching you

·   let us know if you have any special talents, such as playing a musical instrument, stage combat or acrobatics

·   if you are auditioning for a character with a dialect, please use that dialect in your audition


Rehearsals will be held weeknights and some weekend afternoons beginning February 15.  The rehearsal schedule will be determined after casting, in order to accommodate for cast conflicts – we’d like to be able to meet around 5 times a week, but it’s a long rehearsal period, so we have a certain amount of flexibility. That said, no conflicts allowed starting on Tech Week, April 14-19. If you are unable to make the mandatory tech week rehearsals, we will be unable to cast you in this production.


The Tony-winning Peter and the Starcatcher  is the story of how a miserable orphan becomes The Boy Who Would (Could!) Not Grow Up (a.k.a. Peter Pan). From marauding pirates and jungle tyrants to unwilling comrades and unlikely heroes, Peter and the Starcatcher playfully explores the depths of greed and despair... and the bonds of friendship, duty and love.
Featuring a dozen actors portraying more than 100 unforgettable characters, Peter and the Starcatcher employs a “storybook theatre” performance style that uses minimal props, set, and costumes to encourage the audience to use their imagination to bring the story to life.



Note: Regardless of the pronouns used in the character descriptions, we are open to gender-blind casting in all roles. Although vocal ranges are listed, you do not necessarily need to be an experienced singer to participate.

Peter: an anonymous loner with a hatred of adults. Ambitious, brave, and initially looked down on by his peers, this scrappy survivor becomes a true leader and discovers trust and the beginnings of love before becoming irrevocably stuck in a youthful, adventurous world--never growing old--and never knowing or understanding what it would have been like to become an adult.
Molly Aster: A young British girl who is hungry for adventure and out to prove that girls can do anything boys can do--and do it better; she is as passionate as she is fearless. Vocal range: mix/belt, A3-C#5. British dialect.
The Black Stache: although well-spoken with the flair of a showman, the Black Stache is a deadly villain who revels in the fear and suffering he inflicts; piracy is his personal mission, as is his eternal quest for a worthy nemesis--a hero who would be worthy of a challenge. Vocal range: up to F#4British dialect.
Prentiss: smart and well-spoken, and even though he is a bit older, he is not quite as brave or charismatic as Peter and therefore won’t ever be a leader to the boys, even though he yearns for it. Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor 2 up to F4.
Ted: despite his scrawny-orphan frame (???), his gastronomic obsession with food has earned him the nickname “Tubby”. The actor playing the role must have a strong and natural balance of dramatic and comedic timing, an easy way with humor without resorting to caricature. Vocal range: up to F#4
Lord Leonard Aster: a right-proper British gentleman composed of all the right stuff; a loyal, trustworthy man; the perfect man to be a Starcatcher, protecting the planet from incredible forces about to encroach upon us. British dialect.
Mrs. Bumbrake: (traditionally played by a male); lovably brash and bold British nanny with a big heart; a character with character, hard-scrabble and charmingly no-nonsense, but still knows how to turn on the flirt when the time is right. This actor may double as Teacher, a sage in mermaid form. Vocal range: B2-F#4, or potential falsetto to E5 if possible. British & Scottish dialects.
Captain Robert Falcon Scott: the epitome of an adventurer, this athletic soul commands the Wasp, the swiftest ship in Queen Victoria’s navy. The actor should have good body strength and able to lift people comfortably; Baritone/tenor 2 up to F#4. British dialect.
Grempkin/Fighting Prawn: Grempkin is the dark and oppressive headmaster at the orphanage, where the lost boys live. The actor also plays Mack, a repressed and untalented sailor, as well as Fighting Prawn, King of Mollusks, fierce protector of his Mollusk Isle homeland, with a disdain for England. Bass/baritone. British and Tropical dialects.
Smee: dedicated first-mate to the Black Stache; strong obligation to duty and eagerness to serve; he is not the smartest guy on the crew, but is always the quickest to respond. Strong singer, tenor 2 up to F4. Ability to play the ukulele a big plus. British dialect.
Bill Slank: a dark and frightening man who knows no loyalties to anyone but himself. His moral compass points only to himself and he would double-cross anyone to get what he wants. This actor also doubles as Hawking Clam, the son of Fighting Prawn. Bass baritone. British and Tropical dialects.
Alf: a rough-around-the-edges working-class sailor who imagines himself a hero in shining armor; though his physical appearance is oaf-ish and unkempt, he has an inner charm and a kind, romantic heart. Blue-collar English dialect. Vocal range: up to F#4.


Greggors/percussion assistant: a posh sailor of the British fleet will assist with percussion and sound effects.


The ensemble cast also plays narrators, mermaids, pirates, sailors, islanders and various other creatures, as well as props, wall, doors, and anything else needed to create the world of the play.






Thanks to everyone who participated in auditions and callbacks for Ain't Misbehavin'. Our final decisions were quite challenging as everyone brought their "A" game! We’re excited to share that because of the incredible talent in our community we have double-cast this production. We will post the specific cast grouping and performance dates as soon as those determinations have been made. Again, thanks to all who came out to support this amazing opportunity.



Nell:            Tina Morris-Anderson & Babs Watson


Charlain :      Chanda Branch & Tyanna West


Armelia:         Zora Umeadi & Aya Wallace


Ken:               JaJuan Cofield & Juan Isler


Andre:            Spencer Jenkins & Stan Williams




nract announces board of directors for 2017-2018 Season


North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre is happy to announce the new board for 2017-2018 Season.   We would like to welcome five new members to the North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre Board of Directors.  The new members are:  Leslie Alger, Adam Budlong, Carrie Santiago, Sephie Taylor and Andrea Towe.   We are excited for this new season and continuing to improve and bring great shows and classes to the community.  


board of directors

President:  Yvonne Anderson
Vice President:  Rachel McKay
Secretary:  Adam Budlong
Treasurer:  Jim Allen

Board Members at Large

  • Leslie Alger
  • David Henderson
  • Timothy E. Locklear
  • Jonathan McCarter
  • Rachel McKay
  • Elaine Petrone
  • Andrea Richardson
  • Carrie Santiago
  • Sephie Taylor
  • Aya Wallace


 Advisory Board Members

  • Linda Bamford
  •  Jess Barbour
  • Judy M. Dove
  • Ann Haigler
  • John Maruca
  • Tina Morris-Anderson
  • Bunny Safron
  • Jon Todd






Announcing the 2017-2018 Season!