THe herd

Co-produced with Honest Pint

January 25- February 10


By Rory Kinnear

Three generations, two surprise guests and one unexpected evening. Carol, a harried matriarch in suburban London, has arranged a small family party to celebrate the 21st birthday of her son Andy, who is severely disabled. But as everyone begins to gather, things go off the rails as two surprise guests pop up—one a newcomer and one all too familiar. And then Andy and his caregiver are running late—very late. With a deft comic touch, The Herd introduces us to three generations of a spirited middle class clan confronting the possibilities of reconciliation, the power of the past and the irresistible pull of family.

Featuring: Jess Barbour, Lenore Field, Susannah Hough, Simon Kaplan, Paul Newell, Daniel Wilson

Directed by David Henderson