mission statement

North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre seeks to engage all members of our community by offering high quality entertainment and theatre education. We encourage the development of life skills while providing opportunities to develop a lifelong passion for theatre. We present innovative theatre experiences which are artistically valuable and entertaining. 


To enrich the community through the power of theatre

core values

Education: We provide high quality education in a variety of theatre disciplines. 
Community: We are a locally comprised organization who endeavors to enrich the community at large
Collaboration: We value sharing our knowledge and resources with other organizations as well as seeking out mutually beneficial partnerships to deepen the value we provide to the greater community. 
Opportunities: We provide opportunities in the theatre arts for participants of all levels- from novice to highly experienced. 
Inclusiveness:  We recognize the importance and value of bringing together individuals and their different perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and varied experiences. 
Positive Atmosphere: We provide a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment.
Artistic Excellence: We value high quality theatre productions within an intimate setting.
Fiscal Responsibility: We value financial sustainability within a balanced budget comprised of diversified revenue streams.


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